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I am deeply passionate about creating harmonious spaces where plants and flowers thrive. Whether it's transforming yards, patios, flower boxes, or creating a tranquil yoga and meditation area, I find joy in crafting serene and esthetic outdoor, and indoor, spaces.


When we built our home in Moss Beach, my husband and I took on the challenge of designing and creating our front and backyard.  Given the proximity to the ocean and its salt-laden winds, as well as the limited sun exposure, (not to mention the relentless gophers), I had a lot to learn!   The labor of love made me discover how much I love connecting and caring for plants AND the incredible amount of time it takes to care for them. 


Through this profound connection with nature, I have come to realize that plants, much like children, require unwavering attention, care, and a genuine bond with their guardians. Unfortunately, many people find themselves lacking the time and expertise to cultivate this connection.


I also realized traditional garden services often focus solely on basic clean-up without taking time to care for each plant. In response to this need, or lack, I decided to start M E and take garden care to a  deeper level. 

I have meticulously curated a team of individuals who not only share my passion for plants but also understand the significance of creating spaces that bring immense joy and tranquility. With our expertise and shared enthusiasm, we aim to transform your garden into a sanctuary that reflects your vision and provides a source of constant inspiration and serenity.

I hope to become the guardian of your plants and flowers and create a space that brings harmony and serenity to your life. 


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