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hands holding fertile soil as a heart shape with a young green tree in the middle _  plant

Love is the only soil where the seed of life can grow 



We are on a quest to revitalize overlooked gardens into thriving, harmonious, and cost-effective Ecosystems that enrich the lives of all living things, elevate your spirit, and honor Mother Earth.

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Welcome to M   E Boutique Garden Design & Rejuvenation

If you appreciate a beautiful & harmonious garden space but don't know where to start and/or have a limited budget, I am here to help!


Mother Earth Boutique Gardening Design & Rejuvenation is dedicated to bringing the joy of nature to your home and creating a positive impact on our ecosystem while elevating your spirit.

We cherish Mother Earth and believe in honoring her by revitalizing neglected spaces, and unlocking the potential for abundant life in your yard. Our approach focuses on simplicity, cultivating native plants to attract pollinators, birds, and the healing power of nature right in your yard.

We would love to learn about your desires and create a plan within your budget. You can DIY or allow us to manage the transformation within your budget.

No garden is too small to become alive and joyful again!     

Email us at for a free consultation. 


Our range of services

The ability to enjoy a beautiful garden is a precious gift that enhances the human experience. We would be honored to help bring that joy to your life by becoming your dedicated Garden Guardians and helping you connect with your garden.

Reach out to us for a free consultation. Email us at for a consultation. Looking forward to meeting you and your garden.

Infinite design possibilities


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We would love to meet you and your garden family

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